Crooked Teeth? Orthodontics in Seattle Can Straighten Them

An attractive smile helps people move confidently in the world. It's easier for them to meet people and have a successful career. Straight teeth are an important part of any beautiful smile. However, perfectly aligned teeth do more than just contribute to a pretty picture, they help keep the jaw healthy and pain free. While crooked teeth are a signal that teeth need to be straightened, an overbite can mean that the jaws need to be realigned. Orthodontics in Seattle offers treatments that successfully realign jaws and straightens teeth.

Many adults want straighter teeth, but they are concerned that wearing traditional metal braces will compromise their professional image. A dentist can review their options in Orthodontics at Integrative Dentistry in Seattle with them. The person may be able to use some of the invisible orthodontics available. The dentist takes impressions of both the upper and lower jaw to create model of the existing conditions in the patient's mouth. A computer model then determines the correct position that each tooth should be in. A series of transparent aligners is designed that will gently move the teeth into their correct location. The patient is expected to wear these aligners throughout the day and night. They should only be taken out to eat or clean their teeth.

Some people feel that they should take them out for special events or to speak in public. They should realize that the less time the aligners are in their mouth, the longer it will take to achieve their goals. Every two weeks a dentist at Integrative Dentistry will check the progress that the patient has made. If the transparent aligner has been effective and the teeth have reached their intermediate goal, then the dentist gives the patient a new aligner. While the patient may experience minor discomfort as the teeth shift positions, they will not have to experience the level of discomfort associated with metal brackets and wires in their mouth.

Once the dentist has determined that the Orthodontics in Seattle treatment has been successful, the patient will be fitted with a retainer to wear for at least a year. This will allow the jaw bone to solidify around the teeth in their new location. If it is not worn faithfully, the teeth may return to their original position.

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