Everyday Holistic Dentistry Products in Seattle

If you’re adopting a holistic dentistry approach to your oral care, then you’re already familiar with the idea that alternative wellness treatments can provide benefits to your overall health, as well as your smile. Holistic dentistry encompasses everything from not using mercury fillings to diagnosing the environmental and physical factors that may be contributing to conditions such as sleep apnea. It also includes choosing products that are gentler on your system while still effective. Below are some alternatives to conventional oral care products, all of which are readily available in Seattle, and beneficial to your health.

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Alcohol-Free Mouthwashes

One of the tenets of holistic dentistry is to find a real solution to a problem and not simply cover it up. Most people use alcohol-based mouthwashes because they are trying to rid themselves of bad breath. In actuality, alcohol can dry out your mouth and reduce saliva production. Saliva is essential to clearing your mouth of the bacteria that can lead to bad breath. In contrast, alcohol-free mouthwashes or tonics use essential oils and herbal extracts with microbial properties that actually assist saliva, instead of diminish it. In addition, alcohol-based mouthwashes have been known to irritate sensitive teeth and gums, potentially leading to bleeding gums or periodontal issues. Because of their non-existent alcohol content, natural mouthwashes are the preferred choice for those with sensitive teeth and xerostomia (dry mouth syndrome), as well as pregnant women and children. The ADA has approved brands like Tom’s of Maine and The Natural Dentist, which are widely available on Seattle store shelves.

Mitch Marder - November 2014 - Everyday Holistic Dentistry Products You Can Find In Seattle

Natural Toothpastes

Holistic dentistry goes beyond just looking at your mouth – it means treating your body as an entire unit and considering carefully what ingredients your body may be absorbing through everything from your skincare routine to what you wash your hands with to your oral care products. Recently, those that believe in holistic dentistry have become concerned about the ingredients used in conventional toothpastes. Most toothpastes include multiple chemical ingredients or import their ingredients from abroad, where regulations are much less strict. Major, ADA-approved natural brands such as Tom’s of Maine and Burt’s Bees actually produce their natural toothpastes in the U.S. under strict guidelines so they can earn organic certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A natural toothpaste can bring you peace-of-mind in terms of the product being sustainably produced and full of safe ingredients. Plus, you’ll still get all the cleaning and breath freshening power of a conventional toothpaste.

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Natural Material Toothbrushes
The real purpose and benefit of brushing your teeth is the act of brushing, and not necessarily the toothpaste you’re using. Holistic dentistry advocates have been looking at the benefits of switching to toothbrush bristles and handles made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo, or animal hairs. From a global perspective, some people may want to opt for natural toothbrushes because they aren’t made of plastic (a byproduct of the petroleum industry) or nylon, and they can be more environmentally disposed of once they’ve become worn out. There are natural bristle toothbrushes available in your Seattle pharmacy, such as Fuchs or Tom’s of Maine, however there are also truly natural choices like branches from the arak tree, which possess many of the same benefits of toothpaste (including whitening) but don’t actually require toothpaste to work.
There are a range of other holistic dentistry products available – including everything from denture rinses to children’s products to natural wood plaque removers. Speak to your Seattle holistic dentistry specialists about how to make holistic dentistry a part of your entire oral care routine.


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