Are You Looking For a Holistic Dentist in Kirkland, WA?

Are you in need of dental work in Seattle? Are you a health conscious person who would rather be treated holistically as opposed to conventionally? Although many dentists adhere strictly to conventional dentistry, there's a dentist in Kirkland, WA that doesn't. He is Dr. Mitch Marder at Integrative Dentistry.

Integrative Dentistry in provides conventional methods of dentistry, but also offers alternative treatments for wellness. They provide environmentally safe procedures; taking into consideration what the healthiest and best biological treatment for both your mouth and your body is. At Integrative Dentistry, the focus is on healing the whole body as opposed to just taking care of the surface appearance. They don't just treat the symptoms. They perform a thorough search to find exactly what the root of the problem is. Only the most bio-compatible materials available are used to lessen unhealthy toxins that may negatively affect your system. To avoid the possibility of toxicity they use mercury free, BPA free, fluoride free and metal free alternatives. Prior to being treated Dr. Marder may advise such precautionary measures as:

  • Toxicity testing
  • Dietary changes
  • Exercise
  • Supplementation
  • Homeopathic supplementation

Dr. Marder, known as the best dentist at Integrative Dentistry in Seattle, often consults with nutritionists and naturopathic doctors; making sure your individual recommendations are well matched to yourphysiological and personal health status.

Dr. Mitch Marder is the leading dentist in Kirkland, WA. He is the head of a team of dentists at Integrative Dentistry in Seattle. After studying and conducting extensive research, Dr. Marder created an effective and soothing dental environment; an environment which embraces treating oral conditions while also helping to promote balance for your entire system. Treatments provided are for such things as sleep apnea, safe mercury removal, TMJ and periodontology. All of these treatments adhere to natural philosophies. Some of the treatments provided include:

Craniosacral therapy
Herbal medicine

Mercury removal is of utmost importance to the entire team at Integrative Dentistry. They strongly suggest that mercury fillings (amalgam fillings) be removed. Mercury which if inhaled or swallowed, affects your central nervous system and can negatively impact your overall health. Dr. Marder has created a highly effective system that is safe in removing mercury. It was designed specifically for patients concerned about the negative effects of having mercury in their system.

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