Exercise helps reduce the cancer risk

People think that exercise only has the role of muscle gaining, losing weight and improving the cardiovascular health. But in reality exercise is much more important than that. Exercise is an entire health booster that has an impact all the way to the cellular level. It reduces the risk of getting sick and requiring chronic diseases, such as cancer. Exercise also improves the circulation of the immune cells throughout your body. The immune cells (white cells) neutralize the pathogens that have entered your body and destroy them before they become cancerous. The more these cells circulate, the more efficient the immune system is.

A series of studies were made, and the results showed that a direct link between the lack of physical activity and cancer exists. These studies showed that the lack of exercise could lower the:

  • Cardiovascular capacity
  • Pulmonary capacity
  • Immune function
  • Energy balance
  • Bowel motility
  • Hormone Levels
  • Antioxidant defence
  • DNA repair

With just 5 hours a week you can keep the breast cancer away

Obesity in women exposes them to higher levels of estrogen. Estrogen is produced and stored in the fat tissue. So a woman with an excess of body fat has more leptin and estrogen. These can lead to insulin resistance and the development of more fat tissue. And the more fat tissue, the more estrogen it produces and stores. It is a vicious cycle that raises the risk of estrogen-sensitive cancer, like breast cancer. With just 300 minutes a week (5 hours), the reduction of fat is sufficient to keep yourself safe.

What other types of cancer exercise prevents?

Another type of cancer that could affect people who don’t exercise enough is the pancreatic and colon cancer. But with physical activity, men and women reduce the risk of colon cancer by 30 to 40 percent and pancreatic cancer by 11-12 percent.

Also, doctors have concluded that exercise keeps away the liver disease, which is the most common type that affects people worldwide. Recent studies discovered that middle age men who exercise have a 55 percent slighter chance to suffer from lung cancer and 45 percent of bowel cancer.

Exercise is crucial

If you exercise, you reduce not only the risk of cancer but also the fatigue and improve the energy level your body has. You can also manage stress and anxiety quickly and keep away the bad moods and depression. Your bones health will be strong, as for the muscle, they will build up strength and have a greater range of movement. You will also find that your body weight will be in the required health limits, you will also improve your appetite, and you will sleep better.

Even if you exercise, if you sit too much you will increase the risk of cancer. It is ideal for you to move as much as possible and keep a comprehensive exercise program that includes both strength exercises, as well as high-intensity activities. You can exercise where it is most convenient for you, at home, at a public gym or in a park. It is important for you to move as much as you can and keep a healthy diet.

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