How Mercury is Putting Your Health in Danger

Holistic Dentist SeattleDo you have dental amalgam or “silver” fillings? Did you know you are exposing your body to mercury toxics because of amalgam fillings? These fillings contain about 50% mercury, and as we chew, grind our teeth, or consume beverages, mercury vapors are released from the fillings and are absorbed into our bloodstream, lungs, and hemoglobin in red blood cells.

Dr. Mercola goes into more intricate detail about the harm mercury vapor can cause to your body at When the mercury vapor from amalgam fillings is inhaled it’s “absorbed into the blood, and then converted to inorganic mercury, the most toxic form of mercury to cells.” If inhaled, the vapor travels through your cell membranes and into your central nervous system, which can cause immunological, neurological, and psychological problems. Additionally, as we chew, the vapor leaches onto our saliva making its way down the digestive tract and damaging our immune system.

As Dr. Mercola puts it, “Inorganic mercury builds up far more in your organs of elimination — it’s 100 times as high in your kidneys and liver than in your brain. But when it does make its way into your brain, it’s far more damaging than any other form.”

He mentions many other ways mercury can damage our bodies’ functions and systems, and you can learn more about it by reading his article. But, how can we stop further damage onto our bodies? As a respected and informative holistic dentist in Seattle, Dr. Mitch Marder offers removal of mercury fillings for our patients. Dr. Marder has researched countless studies to confirm the dangers of mercury fillings and highly advises everyone to remove their amalgam fillings.

If you have amalgam fillings, call Dr. Marder today to discuss your options to live a healthy life with a healthy smile.

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