Seattle Holistic Dentistry Safe Teething Solutions

You probably don’t remember your teeth coming in – but infant oral health has a big impact on how your teeth and jaw look once you’re an adult. And, if you’ve ever encountered an infant with new teeth coming in, then you’ll know that it’s not exactly a painless process. There are a range of solutions out there to aid with teething, however it’s recommended you look at holistic dentistry solutions suggested by your Seattle holistic dentistry practice. They’ll not only help your child with the difficult teething process, they can also provide holistic health benefits.



Infant Oral Care
Believe it or not, your baby’s oral care routine starts before they’re even born. Primary (or baby) teeth are formed in the womb and remain dormant until the child is about four to six months of age. When you’re pregnant, it’s important to eat a balanced diet rich with vitamins and minerals that will strengthen those teeth. Even before the teeth pop up, be sure to take care of your infant’s gums by wiping them with a soft, damp cloth. Ideally, you should schedule a first visit with your Seattle holistic dentistry practice between six to twelve months of age.


A Teething Overview
A child’s teeth start coming in at six months and will usually take up to their second birthday or slightly beyond to finish erupting. Many parents have reported that even the most happy-go-lucky baby may become uncomfortable or fussy in the weeks before each tooth arrives. In addition to a mood change, the infant may also exhibit symptoms like excessive saliva or drooling, swollen gums, slight temperature increase, loss of appetite, a rash or redness on the cheeks, biting, or tugging on the ear (this last symptom may also indicate an ear infection). If you’re looking to relieve your child’s teething symptoms, your Seattle holistic dentistry professionals have suggestions.

Teething Tablets
One of the most popular choices for parents looking to provide their teething infant some comfort are teething tablets. These tablets are designed to soothe the child while providing relief for sore or irritated gums. They dissolve under the tongue or can be dissolved in water. If you are going to opt for teething tablets, speak with your Seattle holistic dentistry clinic to learn about natural brands with good ingredients.


Teething Toys
One of the key signs that a child is struggling with teething is biting – particularly if you’re trying to breast feed. Why biting when their gums are presumably sore? The act of putting pressure on the gums can help relieve tenderness. To keep your skin from being the victim during your infant’s next bout of biting, consider a holistic dentistry ‘toy’ they can gnaw on for comfort. Teething rings, jewelry or dummies are all useful tools to have on hand for when a child is going through teething and can be purchased at many Seattle children and baby specialty stores. Many children will also benefit from biting on something cool, so look for teething devices that can be chilled or frozen. Don’t want to splurge on a toy? Even a chilled spoon, towel or vegetable can be safely given to a child for their relief. 

Gum Massage
One of the simplest – and free! – ways to give your infant some relief is through a gum massage. Simply clean your hands and gently press along your child’s gums, taking care to note where they themselves are chewing or pointing. 


Herbal Remedies
There are multiple homeopathic cures for teething ailments. Ask your Seattle holistic dentistry office to refer you to a homeopathic doctor that can help identify the right remedies for whatever aspect of teething is particularly bothering your child. If an infant is suffering from multiple ailments, your best bet may be to go with a natural teething tablet. See below for a quick, selected list of homeopathic remedies to aid with your child’s teething:

Aconitum Apellus – Can aid with pain, fear and restlessness
Belladonna – Reduces inflammation, gum pain, warmth, flushed skin
Calcarea Carbonica – Helps spur on teething for infants who’ve yet to develop teeth
Calcarea Phosphorica – Helps strengthen teeth and reduce gum pain
Chamomilla – Reduces irritability and gum sensitivity
Coffea Cruda – Can relax a child that is agitated by teething
Silicea – Can speed up the teething process

The above list doesn’t represent all holistic dentistry solutions for teething. If you are concerned about your child’s oral health and teething be sure to bring them in to visit your Seattle holistic dentistry professionals once they are six months old, or within six months after their first tooth erupts. Your Seattle holistic dentistry specialist will be able to provide you tips for teething, recommend homeopathic solutions, and advise you on early years oral care, including thumb sucking and cavities.



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