How to treat pain without using drugs

Federal reports reveal that most of the adults living in the U.S. are suffering from some type of musculoskeletal pain disorder, like joint, back, or neck pain. A large number of the people having pain are paying a significant price to make that pain go away. The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians stated that U.S. citizens are consuming 80% of the pain pills in the world. A recent survey revealed that most of the pain medication Americans use is opioid medication. But how did people handle the pain 200,300, 1000 years ago? Well, they used natural treatments.

The natural pain reliefs

There are several approaches for pain relief that can take the pain away.


Acupuncture is one of the most common treatments for chronic pain. Studies show that acupuncture can reduce the chronic pain much more efficient than standard pain treatments. The study participants reported an average of 50% reduction of pain, where with standard pain treatments the pain reduction was around 25%.

Scientists found that acupuncture activated the pain-suppressing receptors while increasing the concentration of neurotransmitter adenosine. The adenosine slows down the brain activity and induces sleepiness.

Massage therapy

Massage is a fantastic weapon for pain. Studies show that muscle pain, bone pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, spinal cord pain and deep internal pain can be treated with massage. Undergoing a massage therapy will relieve your pain, and you avoid introducing chemicals into your body.

Relaxation techniques

There are a series of exercises you can try to alleviate your pain, including meditation, guided imagery, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and may others. This type of stress relievers is excellent for headaches and migraines. In general, the people who practice relaxation methods, like long-term meditation and yoga, have more disease-fighting genes active (including anti-pain and rheumatoid arthritis).


The people who experience back pain can try to reduce it with exercise. Studies show that those who exercised had 50% lower chances of suffering another episode. Exercise will increase your strength, flexibility, and mental power to bypass the pain. In addition to this, motor control exercises will help improve your spinal muscle coordination. Yoga is one of the most useful exercises as it increases your core muscles and flexibility.

Finding a balance between healing and relief

Having severe pain or chronic pain could sideline your life. You need to find relief fast to maintain your normal life. Pain specialists can advise you on which alternative treatment you should choose. Knowledgeable practitioners can help you with both short-term and long-term pain treatments. It is crucial to understand that medication should not be the first pain relief.

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