Introducing Myobrace® To Our Practice

Studies have shown that, in our modern days, 3 out of 4 children have crooked teeth. More and more kids need to wear braces nowadays, which are invasive, make your kid self-conscious and, very often, lead to other dental problems, such as cavities. Not to mention the fact that braces may not provide a permanent solution to overcrowded teeth. For years now, parents have been searching for the better alternative. And now we are finally able to present it: Myobrace® .

What is Myobrace® ?

Firstly, let us tell you what Myobrace®  is not – a treatment that addresses only the effects of the problem. Myobrace®  is an orthodontic pediatric system that focuses rather on the cause of misaligned teeth, eliminating its effect and solving the cause so that your kid never has to deal with this problem again.

The Myobrace®  treatment is non-invasive, and it is focused on resolving the poor myofunctional habits that cause crooked teeth. It teaches children to let go of bad habits, such as mouth breathing or incorrect swallowing. Practically, this system is composed of a series of removable appliances that children need to wear for one or two hours during the day and for the whole time they sleep at night. These appliances are backed up by a series of mouth and breathing exercises that allow the jaws to develop properly.

Why choose Myobrace® ?

Myobrace®  is used in over 100 countries worldwide with astonishing results. It is a natural, non-invasive solution that can offer permanent benefits to your child. Because the appliances are removable, they will not have to wear them all the time, thus eliminating the risk of your kid being teased by his or her peers about it. Perhaps one of the best benefits of using Myobrace®  is that it can help your child with more than their oral health. It can help them achieve a peaceful sleep at night, speak properly and resolve other issues caused by improper breathing or swallowing techniques.

What will happen during your visit?

When you come visit us, we will firstly assess your child’s dental and facial development. We will also examine their oral habits and determine the source of the problem. Afterward, together with you, we will create a plan and begin the treatment with Myobrace® .

If your child has crooked teeth or suffers from a restless sleep, you should come in for a consult. We will determine if your little one is in need for Myobrace®  and help them achieve a bright, straight smile using this natural, non-invasive solution. Contact us for more details about Myobrace®  and to schedule an appointment.

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