Preventative Care Can Save Your Smile and Body

You are probably familiar with the constant emphasis to brush and floss your teeth every day or else your dental treatments become more complex and painful. There is truth to that. Preventative care will help you out in the long run not only for your wallet, but for your overall health as well.

The Dramatic Benefits of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Dr. Mercola wrote an article talking about the importance of preventative care through hygienist Carol Cander Stoep’s book, Mouth Matters. Stoep talks about how minimal invasive dentistry can help out your body and smile in the long run instead of invasive dentistry such as root canals:

"What I started to realize, early diagnosis to avoid invasive restorations.

  • A better alternatives to crowns. There are other treatments that use composite resin to help restore the tooth instead of crowns.
  • The benefits of ozone in dentistry. The ozone is the only predictable way to remineralize the tooth.
  • Everyday dental hygiene tips. According to Stoep, you do not need toothpaste to keep your teeth clean. The mechanical scrubbing removes the plaque, not the toothpaste.
  • This is a great article to become familiar with, and as a top dentist in Seattle, Dr. Mitch Marder uses natural dentistry to make your dental treatment efficient and minimally invasive as possible.

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    If you want to watch Carol Stoep’s interview with Dr. Mercola, watch the video below:

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