Root Canal Can Cause Systemic Diseases?

In September 2015, at the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) one of the speakers, cardiologist Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, had an alarming statement but he also had the evidence to support that claim.

Many doctors are still in controversy about the safety and efficiency of root canal treatments.  This dispute is done between “holistic” (or “biological”) dentists and the traditional ones. But what to believe? Is the root canal treatment safe and efficient to treat abscessed teeth or can this treatment contribute to systemic disease?

But to understand the whole story, you need to know firstly where AAE stands (American Association of Endodontists). The following statement is held by both endodontists and most general dentists.

“No valid scientific evidence exists that links root canal treated teeth to any other disease in the body. The root canal treatment is safe and effective.”

But most professionals in the holistic field bring irrefutable evidence that shows the contrary. Yes, the root canal treatment is a safe treatment for the tooth, but how about the results? The result of a root canal treatment is a comfortable and functional tooth. No signs of infection, no signs of any problem. But the tooth is dead. And all the microtubes that build up the tooth’s root most likely contain bacteria leftovers from the original infection. And what is worst is that after the procedure, this bacteria is cut off from the immune system, as the circulation is not able to reach that area to fight with these bacteria. Dr. Marder 1

Medicine, just like every other science is not 100% accurate. Every day new discoveries are changing the rules.  At present, what is known is that bacteria, which is toxic waste, can leak from a dead root into the system through lymphatic circulation and blood. Most (if not all) root canal treated teeth have bacteria in the root structure. A healthy tooth has miles of tubes that are protected by the immune system, which can deal with bacteria.

There are also signs that bacteria leaks from the dead root structure and reach the system via lymphatic circulation and blood. The implication of this is alarming. More and more studies are done, but the traditional dentistry, medicine, and pharmacology are not taking them into consideration. A few hundred years ago we thought the earth was flat, and those who stated otherwise were considered crazy and killed. Those that killed them really though that they were right, but in time they were proved wrong.

You can find more information about this online, in books like: “The toxic tooth: how a root canal could be making you sick.”

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