Small facts about fluoride everybody should know

The government structures are trying to convince us that fluoride is a panacea for dental diseases. But the question is: Why is the U.S. the only country that fluoridated the drinking water of the citizens? Are all the other countries unaware of the “miracle” powers fluoride has on people’s teeth? Or do they really know that adding a known poison is just a crime against the population? More than 75% of American and Canadian communities voted to end the fluoridation of water, but until now, nothing has changed. In this article, you will find five facts that will make you understand how dangerous fluoride is.

  1. Developed countries do not add fluoride to community water supplies

In Europe, more than 95 percent of the people drink regular water. In fact, more people from the U.S drink fluoridated water than all the rest of the world combined.

  1. The countries that consume fluoridated water don’t have less tooth decay

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that there is no visible difference in dental erosion between the countries that fluoridate their water and the ones that don’t. The number of persons who suffer from tooth decay in U.S. has lowered for the past 60 years. That is why the decline of tooth decay has been attributed to fluoridated water. But the same thing happened in all the other countries that did not fluoridate their community water.

  1. Fluoride may be good for the teeth, but it affects many tissues

People think that if they consume water with fluoride, it will only affect their teeth. But there are scientific reviews that prove that fluoride is a disruptor of endocrine. As a result, your bones, pineal gland, brain, thyroid gland, and your blood sugar levels will be damaged. More than 34 human studies and 50 animal studies done link fluoride to brain damage (such as lower IQ in children). The studies also associate fluoride use with:

  • Increased lead absorption
  • Muscle disorders
  • Disrupts synthesis of collagen
  • Lethargy or hyperactivity
  • Arthritis
  • Thyroid disease
  • Bone fractures
  • Dementia
  • Bone cancer
  • Cell death and genetic damage
  • Increased cancer and tumor rate
  • Inhibition of antibodies
  • Disrupted immune system
  • Increased infertility and damaged sperm


  1. Fluoridation does not happen “Natural”

Yes, it is true that fluoride comes naturally in some areas. This leads to high level of fluoride to be present in some water supplies. But fluoridation supporters always use this line as a support for their claim. In reality, naturally-occurring substances don’t necessarily mean that they are good for you (think of radon or arsenic). In addition to this, the fluoride that is added to the water is fluorosilicic acid, which can be captured in special air pollution devices of phosphate fertilizers.

  1. More than 40% of the teenagers in the U.S. show sign of overexposure

Around 40% of teens in America suffer from dental fluorosis, which is a condition that changes the appearance of the enamel of the teeth. This happens due to long-term ingestion of fluoridated water when the teeth are forming. Fluorosis rates are 70-80% higher in some areas of America.

It is important to know and realize that fluoride may be beneficial in some ways to the teeth, but it surely is not for the rest of your body. There are some options to stop consuming fluoridated water, but that involves higher costs. Why not stop the fluoridation of water supplies?

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