The dangers of artificial sweeteners and how they confuse your body into storing

Today you find on the market more than five different artificial sweeteners. The one that is mostly used is aspartame, and it is the worst of them.  Aspartame and all other artificial sweeteners are promoted mainly for persons who suffer from diabetes and weight gain. But although artificial sweeteners are considered to be good, in fact, independent scientists (who had nothing to gain) proved that they are doing exactly the opposite.  Researchers have shown that sweeteners are increasing the insulin sensitivity worse than sugar. In addition to this, they promote weight gain in more than one way. In time, artificial sweeteners have become more and more used by the food industries, in products that are not necessarily intended for dieters and diabetics.

The industry is hiding artificial sweeteners in your foods

In 2013, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) made a petition with the FDA where they requested the agency to allow the addition of artificial sweeteners in more the 18 types of dairy products without having to indicate their use on the label of the products. They claimed that “It is beneficial for the general population” and that “it promotes more healthful eating practices, reduces child obesity and provides lower-calorie flavored milk products.”  But this is not all. IDFA have four major lawsuits with the state of Vermont that are trying to overturn the state’s GMO labeling law.  Recently, on July 1st, the legislation won, and Vermont has become the first state in the nation that requires special labels for GMOs.Dr marde 1

Metabolic confusion caused by artificial sweeteners

The main reason why the artificial sweeteners are not helping a person lose weight is that it is impossible to fool the body with a sweet taste and no calories. When you consume something sweet, you brain will release dopamine, which is offered as a reward. The appetite-regulation hormone called leptin is also released. This hormone will inform the brain when you consume a certain amount of calories and that you are full.

When you consume something that is sweet but has no calories, your pleasure pathway gets activated. And because the calories never arrive, there is nothing to deactivate it. This means that artificial sweeteners trick your body into thinking it is eating sugar (calories) and because the sugars never come, the body will enter a carb-craving state.

What is worse is that aspartame worsens insulin for the diabetics. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners promote countless health problems, all associated with excessive sugar consumption, such as Alzheimer’s, stroke and cardiovascular disease, and brain tumors.

Ditch artificial sweetened “healthy” foods

Avoid having to confuse your body with a sweet taste that brings no calories. This does not mean you have to consume large quantities of sugar. But it is better to eat a little bit of sugar than a few artificial sweeteners. You can look on the label of the products you regularly buy and search for:

E950 - Acesulfame K 

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