Think before accepting a Vaccine

Did you ever wonder why your physician or your child pediatrician seems to be pushing vaccines on you each time you walk through the door? Or does your doctor seem angry if you don’t want to buy a dose of a flu vaccine?

Have you thought that maybe it is because he is working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and taking a bribe to increase the practice’s vaccination rates? There is a program calls AFIX that encourages “friendly competition” among staff members to see who is increasing vaccination rates the most. The prizes consist of monetary gains and career enhancing values including things like “scholarships”, professional meetings, award plaques, public recognition and being called “Vaccine Champion”.

Do money and bribes power the vaccination program?

We certainly know that large corporations tend to manipulate the system for their own benefits. Pharmaceutical conglomerates are particularly notorious for such behavior. The best illustration of just how compromised some parts of the political system are can be seen from the story of Jack Abramoff. He is characterized as one of the most notorious contemporary lobbyists. He is a classic example of how influence-peddling and corruption can affect law-making. He openly admitted in 2011 that he used private industry money to influence the legislation on behalf of big corporations. He is also known for the showering gift on lawmakers in 1990’s, receiving in return their votes on corporation favoring legislation.Dr Marder 1

Drug companies took control of the system

It is a known fact that pharmaceutical industry has more lobbyists in state legislation and on Capitol Hill than any other industry. Multi-national drug corporations marketing vaccines and funding trade organization, which in turn have their own lobbyists are some of the most clever marketers in America.

One of the used tactics is to push legislation that eliminates individual market competitors. This happens especially to those who are associated with alternative health. The laws that are being backed by pharmaceutical corporations are especially aimed at alternative heath care options and at the same time encourage the chemical and potential harmful pharmaceutical products.

 U.S. does the most vaccines and yet is 31st in infant mortality

Maybe the American Health System should not try to eradicate every disease known with a vaccine, but instead to take a closer look at what these vaccines accomplish. If the effects and usage of drugs and vaccines would work as advertised, then the US population should be the healthiest in the world. But in reality it is not even close to that.

The top 3 causes of infant death in America are:

  1. Congenital deformation, malformations, and chromosomal abnormalities
  2. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  3. Disorders related to underweight birth and gestational age

Only recently FNA (French National Assembly) advised removing aluminum from vaccines. Why would aluminum be put in vaccines? And what is worse, baby vaccines? Maybe something that will boost the immune system, not aluminum which is destroying the nervous system and damages the respiratory system. In children, aluminum will cause kidney and bone disease and bone damage.

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